Tuesday, December 20, 2011

UPDATE (; Tips/Tricks on saving mullaaa

Heyyy guys I just wanted to give you guys a couple of Beauty tips for the rest of December, so listen upp!!

Sephora is going to be have a hug clearance on there make-up ( I guess because they have a couple of 2011 products they need to get rid of)
Save up your beauty bank points!!! At the end of December your VIB will expire, so try not to spend any of your points on little 100/ 500 point perk gifts :D

Check Ebates!!! http://www.ebates.com/
I believe sephora is at 0.08% cash back!!
and a few other beauty sites!

Another tip guys, if you ever want to guy something off MAC Cosmetics ( ONLINE) dont get it off the MAC COSMETICS SITE. Get it off Nordstroms ( http://shop.nordstrom.com/)They have free shipping on beauty products.

Bath and Bodyworks is having huge promotions going on , so be sure to check that out ( http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp)

A new monthly cosmetic sampler came out and it's called "My Glam" and couple of YT Gurus joined together to make this great monthly subscription service. 10$ a month!!(http://www.myglam.com/)

One more thing guys, and amazing monthly service came out to Canada called glymm.com
there 100 times better then BRICHBOX, soo if you want them to start shipping to the US, start putting yourself on the waiting list, the more people on the list, the faster we could get our hands on it (:

thank you,
Nicole ;*

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