Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows 4 Review and Swatches (;

Now you're thinking... ohhh she swears by Urban Decay and she's probably going to rant rant about how much she loves them even though it's horrible, is the brand pricey? YES. $18 for a shadow no thank youuuu.... no way hoes say!!!( actually hoes say yes, butt whatevess)but I do think that there palettes are well worth it, try comparing them to MAC, you know a simple holiday palette would cost you around $38 for only 6 shadows,and for $64 you get 16, what a steal, forget that it's on sale for -20$ that's amazing $44 dollars for 16 eye shadows an eyeliner a primer potion and a cutesy speaker!!! And it has 5 star ratings on its site:)
okay not that's amazing im sorry to say LOL <3
Here are some swatches ^-^

if you want to purchase it here's the link,default,pd.html

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